[Imports] Importing Kerala, India road network from Facebook's ML generated data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Sep 9 19:33:05 UTC 2018


On 09/09/2018 08:52 PM, Stephen V. Mather wrote:
> FYI, this is gaslighting and not an appropriate response to a request to respect the etiquette guidelines.

Welcome to this mailing list!

Have you been following this discussion for longer, or have you just
joined? Reason I'm asking is that it would allow me to get an idea of
which past communications on this list you are likely to have seen, and
then to understand why this one in particular prompted you to write your
first post given that quite a few rudenesses have been exchanged in the

If, in response to what you just wrote, I were to ask you to respect
etiquette, then what would be an appropriate response on your part?
Would you *not* ask for clarification?

Do you think that it should be obvious to everyone where a potential
etiquette violation lies and that Christoph is acting in bad faith when
he asks for details?

Is everyone expected, upon receiving a non-concrete message about having
violated etiquette, to carefully revisit everything they have written
and ask themselves whether this could be considered offensive? If that
is what you think is right, would this not be an effective measure to
silence each and everyone?

I always thought "gaslighting" was trying to make someone believe
they're out of their mind, like if I was to make funny noises in a
conversation and someone would ask what the noises were and I would say
"haven't heard anything". In your use of the word, would it also apply
to one person saying "you are impolite!" and the other person saying
"how so"?


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