[Imports] Miami-Dade County Address Import

Leif Rasmussen 354lbr at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 17:25:57 UTC 2018

Brian May,
I like the idea of importing POIs in Florida!  It sound like a great GIS
hack.  Also, I would love to import the building footprint layer in
Miami-Dade County.  I think that combining a building and address import
together could possibly work.  I don't think that a POI import could be
combined as easily, and should probably be separate.  The simplest way
(that I see) would be having this in three imports.  An address, building,
and POI import.  This would reduce possible upload errors and generally
make the import more contributor friendly.  This would also increase the
amount of effort needed to finish it.
I think that having the address import in the first round and buildings in
the second would work very well.  The POI import, which would have to be
more manual, could be a separate project happening simultaneously.
The buildings need to be transformed to OSM format before they are used.
It would be great if you or another person could transform the dataset.
A transformation should do the following:
* Convert the "height"=* tag from feet to meters.
* Either add the tag "duplicate"="yes" to all buildings that overlap with
existing buildings in the OSM dataset or simply removing them could work.
This way, contributors would not have to spend the time and energy manually
removing buildings from the dataset.  I did this with addresses in Durham
County and it worked very well.  The tasks don't involve any removing of
duplicate addresses, and are instead focussed on merging the addresses with
existing features.
"Overlap" should be indicated by one of the following:
1) The way of the building being checked crosses the way of another
building in the OSM database.
2) One of the nodes of the building being checked is inside one of the
buildings in the OSM database.
3) One of the nodes of one of the buildings in the OSM database is inside
of the building being checked.
If any of the above are true, add "duplicate"="yes" to the building.

Frederik Ramm,
Thanks for noticing the errors in the Wiki page.  They have now been
fixed.  I originally copied the Durham County Address Import Wiki page
which I created earlier this year, and a couple of references to that were
visible on the Miami page.  I also expanded the "Team Approach" section to
mention that this will include local mappers.
I am not planning on importing any addresses without manual checks.  I
wrote that to explain the current state of the data in order to reduce
confusion, which ironically created it.  What I meant was that importing
data without any manual work would not put data on top of existing data and
create duplicate addresses.  All addresses imported will be manually
checked by the contributor to increase data quality.
I am hoping for this import to involve local mappers.  I contacted several
about the import and am planning on contacting more.  Involving local
community members could encourage them to learn how to use JOSM, which
would in turn create more benefits.  It would also help establish a mapping
community in Miami, which would not be achieved by simply adding addresses.
Also, I don't live in Miami, but I do spend quite a lot of time there.

Thanks for the feedback!
Leif Rasmussen
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