[Imports] Open Government Data- India Health Facilities Import

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Wed Jul 10 21:42:49 UTC 2019

On Wednesday 10 July 2019, Andy Mabbett wrote:
> > > Speaking as a human, I'm not in the least insulted by hashtags.
> > > Structured hashtags are less ambiguous than prose and less likely
> > > to cause false positives when searching.
> >
> > Hashtags are ok as an *addition* to an otherwise well-readable
> > changeset comment. They cannot not *replace* it.
> In the post to which I replied - and which I quoted; oddly, you do
> not - you said "don't use hashtags in
> your changeset comment"; describing them as "an insult to the human
> reader".

Do you actually have something constructive to say about the import 
discussed or are you just here to sabotage and derail the import review 

Christoph Hormann

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