[Imports] Southeast Alaska, USA Hydrology Import

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Sat Jun 22 01:33:15 UTC 2019


I'm writing to request approval for an import I intend on carrying out. I
added the import project to the imports catalog and I created a page and a
diary entry. I've also included a map to show current data compared to data
I plan on importing.

The following features/tags will be created or updated:

   - natural=coastline
   - place=island,islet
   - natural=water;water=lake,pond
   - waterway=stream

Here are links for things I just mentioned:

   - Import Catalog
   - Import Project page - Southeast Alaska, Hydrology Import
   - My diary entry <https://www.openstreetmap.org/user/Jfact0ry/diary>
   - Map comparison of current data vs planned data

To me, everything seems straightforward and without conflict. It's easy to
use the update geometry tool in JOSM to preserve existing tags and history,
the tags are straightforward, "land on left" convention for ways is rather
simple. Quite a number of lakes exist in OSM already and they seem to match
the dataset, so many of them don't need to be changed/updated.

Is there a consensus on coastline definition? Is a simplified coastline
better than a detailed coastline? Same question for streams?

Does anyone foresee any issues I haven't thought of?

I have prior history of overseeing a buildings import for Sitka, AK.


Joshua Houston
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