[Imports] Import chalet and BnB in Matera, Italy

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Tue May 28 19:18:31 UTC 2019

I just noticed Giovanni's replies did not arrive here:

Am Mo., 27. Mai 2019 um 14:49 Uhr schrieb Cascafico Giovanni <
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> Thank you for your feedback, Martin.
> Il lun 27 mag 2019, 12:42 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com> ha
> scritto:
> >
> > 1. Not sure whether we should import the external IDs at all, but even
> if we would do it, the tag "ref" wouldn't be the right tag for it. I would
> suspect these refer to a specific dataset and are not useful on the ground?
> ref is an unique number assigned to accomodation business by municipality:
> I've understood they built these datasets to establish an accomodation
> network (case mentioned in ref wiki [1]). Besides, ref could be used for
> updates, since relying on geocoord in future conflation would be tricky in
> high density areas like Matera downtown.

I would suggest some more specific key, judging from taginfo something like
ref:<short name of the datasource>

> > 2. The tag "tourism=chalet" refers to a freestanding single unit
> dwelling (if I am not misguided), while the Italian term "casa vacanza"
> very often refers to tourism=apartment. How will these be distinguished?
> Source dataset doesn't allow to distinguish between the two types of
> accomodation: there are some "casa" and "villa" in name field that could
> suggest some info, but mostly are fantasy names that don't help much.
> Anyway wiki about tourism=chalet [2] quotes "A type of accommodation in the
> tourism industry, *usually* detached.". Due to the peculiar architecture in
> Matera [3], almost nothing is detatched.

if almost nothing is detached, it means most of the tags would be wrong. I
have been browsing the map, thank you for this, very convenient,
and while most of the features are located in the historic centre, there
are also many detached houses outside of the centre. The established tags
do not provide a method to add generic accomodation features, all main
classes are fairly specific: guest_house, apartment, chalet, hostel, hotel.
If the source data doesn't distinguish chalet from apartment it is
difficult, maybe you can guess it from aerial imagery.

> > 3. The tag "ref:vatin" in Italian means "Partita IVA", rather than
> "Codice Fiscale" (which has not generally to do with VAT / IVA). It may be
> problematic publishing personal tax insurance numbers (unlike the VAT
> identification numbers of businesses).
> +1. I don't see any loss of info removing such values. I guess source aims
> to undeline that POIs are regularly registered business activities.


> > 4. The tag "beds" is for the number of beds, while "posto letto" is for
> sleeping possibilities, which in the context of holiday accomodation can be
> totally different things (divano letto = convertible sofa-bed). Generally,
> there are more "capacity" tags combined with tourism objects, than "beds"
> tags (if my taginfo foo didn't let me down).
> So your suggestion is "capacity:beds" ?

I would go for "capacity", it is used 9999 times with tourism=* while
capacity:beds only 26 and beds 5739.
And because "posto letto" in a holiday apartment is not always a _bed_.

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