[Imports] Import of pharmacies in Catalunya, Spain.

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Sun Mar 15 09:35:09 UTC 2020

In the Catalan community of openstreetmap, in the face of the health
emergency declared by covid-19, and the declaration of a state of alarm in
Spain, we debated what we, as a community, could do to help from our homes,
where we will be confined indefinitely.
We set our goal in emergency services, and more specifically in pharmacies.
We have had express permission for a long time to reuse the official data,
but the import has not been carried out yet. In a short time we have
prepared the project and its management through the Task Manager, that
allows coordinate and verify the tasks.

The import basically consists of verifying the data of the pharmacies
already mapped (address and contact details) and adding those that are not,
and will be done by expert mappers, with several hours and years behind us,
and with experience in both map editing and HOT projects.

Although we know that it is not the usual procedure, given the urgency and
simplicity of this import, after discussing it with the Spanish
community (Spanish
discussion list
we have decided to start it without delay.

Here you can check the wiki import project:
And the Task Manager project:


de virus. www.avast.com
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