[josm-dev] How should patches to JOSM be sent?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Apr 12 10:49:15 BST 2008


> Nice. But with r601 I actually get a:


> Any idea where this comes from?

I see you've fixed it already. It was my fault, I'm working on a
larger changeset at the moment which included renaming the
Coor.distance to Coor.distanceSq and I overlooked the fact that this
change had also modified AlignInLineAction. So it did compile on my
box but not with the checked-in version... apologies!


PS: Anyone knowledgeable in trac matters? Theoretically,
josm.openstreetmap.de should have a sort of post-commit-hook that
would automatically close a ticket if the svn commit comment vontains
"Closes #123" but somehow it doesn't work and I don't know where to

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