[josm-dev] Surveyor and LiveGPS - feedback

Gervase Markham gerv at gerv.net
Thu Jan 17 13:15:46 GMT 2008

Christof Dallermassl wrote:
> You are right. But to add the functionality to save waypoints the josm 
> core code needs to be changed and I did not want to mess around there. 
> But I guess, you are very welcome if you want to provide some code :-)

:-) We should at least document this. I've updated the wiki.

> Additionally I prefer to have the waypoints (wpt) and the raw data in 
> one file (if possible). So one can load them together again and do not 
> need to find the matching files with points and raw data.

That seems reasonable.

> I am sorry that you had troubles on surveying. As I knew the auto-save 
> feature I never had the problem. I will add your patch as soon as 
> possible (probably tonight), so reconnection should be fixed.

Great - thanks :-) But Frederick tells me he has committed the patch and 
an updated built plugin.


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