[josm-dev] 2 more bug fixes in relation handling

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jun 28 00:02:36 BST 2008


> > two more fixes:
> > 701	[PATCH] Bug in relation handling splitting up ways
> > 637	[PATCH] JOSM allows duplicate members in relations
> >
> > These two are very annoying :-)
> I second that! 637 made me pull my hair out a few times before I 
> understood what was going on and why I was getting that 500 error. 701 
> is annoying if you don't realise that you're breaking other people's work.

I will commit 701 because people are using a lot of route relations


The new behaviour is only valid for *some* kinds of relations. Imagine
for example a turn restriction - here it is absolutely wrong to make 
both parts of the split way part of the relation.

What JOSM needs to do is detect the type of relation, look it up in 
some kind of list and determine what to do exactly.


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