[josm-dev] jttt and private class members

Jiri Klement jiri.klement at gmail.com
Tue Jul 28 20:50:14 BST 2009

Another area is possibility to build spatial index - it should make
map paint and functions like getNearestNode much faster. Spatial index
and painting only primitives that are not too small is imho the main
reason why is josmng so much faster than josm.

Btw. Currently I'm not continuing on the refactoring until JOSM
becomes a bit more stable again and new JOSM tested is released.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 8:24 PM, Karl
Guggisberg<karl.guggisberg at guggis.ch> wrote:
> I saw it too and I hope it's going in the direction of
> First
> ** Encapsulation
> - getting rid of most if not all public field in Node, Way, Relation, and
> DataSet
> - providing a richer API for compound primitives like ways and relations,
> i.e.
>    Relation::getReferringPrimitives() -> Set<OsmPrimtive>
>    Way::isConnectedTo(Way other) -> boolean (or an enumeration
> "undirected", "headToTail", "headTohead", etc.)
>    Relation::getMemberReferringTo(OsmPrimitive primitive) -> RelationMember
>    Relation::refersTo(OsmPrimtive primitive) -> boolean
>    etc. etc.
> - providing a cleaner state model for OsmPrimitives (including unmodified,
> incomplete, modified, deleted, visible)
> - possibly getting rid of the "selected" flag in primitives and adding
> selection management to
>  DataSet, including emitting selection change events
>  (no more DataSet.fireSelectionChanged(...) after every update of the
> selection)
> Then
> ** Efficiency
> - possibly optimizing the then encapsulated datastructures of Dataset, i.e.
> in order to optimize backreference lookup,
>  as it is already probosed in the backreference visitor. Code for deleting
> primitives, for "purging" primitives, and
>  for parsing datasets would benefit from such an improvement too
> - perhaps we can avoid to copy around large sets of primitives as the
> allXYZ-Methods on DataSet do it today
> Additionally: a general cleanup of the code in the core data classes
> wouldn't be no harm either
> -- Karl
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> I've seen some SVN commits from jttt doing some refactoring of the
> Way.nodes.  First of all, very cool stuff.  I'd like to use this to make
> some of my ReverseLookup code and a bunch of the validator tests faster.
> What's the end goal of all of the churn, though?
> -- Dave
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