[josm-dev] sac_scale in JOSM - RFC for change of translation

Sebastian Klein bastikln at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 29 16:09:37 GMT 2010

Dirk Stöcker wrote:
>>>  Actually I oppose this solution, as it is against the basic idea of how
>>>  OSM works.
>> When some mappers (accidentally) spoil the work of many others, this 
>> is also not the way osm is supposed to work. Extending the description 
>> in the presets might be a solution, but I'm not sure how this should 
>> be done.
> Hey, the discussion was not about destroying work of others. He blamed 
> that people enter ways with "accordinging to his view" wrong 
> classification. For me that is the typical issue we also had for streets 
> and everything else- People design a classification sheme and get angry 
> when it is not used as was planned. But for OSM no experts are mapping, 
> so you need to define a sheme which is understood by novice users as 
> well. You can't expect from someone mapping tracks to be experts in the 
> classification of hiking ways.

As already mentioned, SAC scale is defined by the Swiss Alpine Club, so 
if you say the classification is not well suited for osm, this would 
mean to remove it from the presets and wait for someone to invent a 
better classification.

No one actually wants that, so we are left with 2 choices: (a) Truncate 
description to official reference numbers T1-6, this way viewer people 
will use it, but at least no harm is done and (b) provide sufficient 
explanation in the preset dialog.

Status quo is no solution and (b) requires someone to do the work, so it 
seems sensible to me to go with option (a) in the meantime.


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