[josm-dev] Help - can't upload JOSM edits

Richard Moss richard at richardmoss.co.uk
Sun Jun 5 18:35:37 BST 2011

Thanks Jo.  I spent yesterday evening starting afresh and re-working through the survey, uploading initially after one edit, after importing the audio, after switching on Bing.  It all seemed to work fine, and I kept going, uploading every few minutes without any errors.  So I don't know what the problem was - it may have been our internet connection - but whatever - it seems to have gone away (I hope).  Thanks for your help.


 On Fri 03/06/11 23:53 , Jo winfixit at gmail.com sent:
> Select one element and try "Send selection to server". If that works, you
> know the problem is not with your internet connection. Then you can send
> all the rest one by one until you find the element that's causing the
> problem.

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