[josm-dev] Request for presets: new tags for bicycle shops

Federico Cozzi f.cozzi at gmail.com
Mon Jun 6 20:22:48 BST 2011

I would like to add a few new tags for bicycle shops which have
recently been approved

Here is how the current shop=bicycle preset should look like:

        <item name="Bike Dealer" icon="presets/bike.png" type="node,closedway">
            <link href="http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:shop=bicycle"

fi.href="http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Fi:Tag:shop=bicycle" />
            <label text="Edit Bicycle Shop" />
            <key key="shop" value="bicycle" />
            <text key="name" text="Name" default="" delete_if_empty="true" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:retail" text="Bicycles are sold" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:second_hand" text="Second-hand
bicycles are sold" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:repair" text="Bicycles are repaired" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:rental" text="Bicycles are rented" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:pump" text="Free bicycle pump" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:diy" text="Tools for
do-it-yourself repair (e.g. a bike co-operative)" />
            <check key="service:bicycle:cleaning" text="Bicycles are
washed (for a fee)" />

Can these new presets be added to JOSM built-in presets?


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