[josm-dev] Style: Icon depending on way tag?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Apr 18 16:36:52 BST 2012


On 04/18/12 17:30, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> There is a similar problem for maxheight and maxweight (always the
> same number on the sign). I didn't create icons for this yet because
> they a) are used far less, b) not sure which variations make sense.
> Maybe this could also be dealt with in an automatic way (that the
> screen rendering creates the number in or atop the icon)? On the other
> hand it will probably be visually much closer to the actual sign if we
> created individual icons with the official fonts.

I don't think that closeness to any official sign is the goal.

As far as I understood, at least something like "maxheight" is not 
necessarily a depiction of any real sign. If there's a bridge that's 3m 
high then one would place a maxheight tag even if there is no sign on 
the ground. Therefore I think that relying too much on road traffic 
signage is a problem.


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