[josm-dev] Creating a user-friendly changelog for tested release

Josh Doe josh at joshdoe.com
Mon Jan 30 14:07:06 GMT 2012

I think it would be useful to create a more user-friendly changelog
for the -tested releases, something which lies between the contents of
the StartupPage and the SVN log. As we seem to be focused on creating
a better experience for new users (e.g. creating expert mode), I think
we need to take the same approach to the changelog.

I would suggest that we create a single set of changes between each
tested release, separating the changes by major/minor enhancements,
and major bugs (leaving minor bugs to be found via tickets). I believe
this would be more helpful for users rather than seeing a long list of
major changes (but missing some minor ones), without any visual
demarcation telling them what has changed from the version they're
using to the last tested.

Has this been discussed or thought about before? I know it would take
some thought to avoid duplication of text (especially translated


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