[josm-dev] JOSM Plugin no_more_mapping

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Sat Oct 20 19:12:27 GMT 2012

On Sat, 20 Oct 2012, Frederik Ramm wrote:

>>  I've seen and checked it and considered it relatively harmless :-) Not
>>  useful, but also not dangerous.
> It is certainly not dangerous. But it only took a day on talk-de for someone 
> to suggest that the next plugin is probably going to be "upload your bank 
> data to fraudsters".
> On the one hand, this has the positive effect of heightening people's 
> awareness - you can't trust a JOSM plugin to do only good, you have to read 
> the description (and ideally the source).
> On the other hand, we *want* people to update frequently, instead of waiting 
> until they have the time to actually read through the description or even 
> source code yet again. We want them to trust us that we do the right thing.

Nobody should "trust" JOSM. Users should always be aware of the fact that 
all software can be malicious. If a joke helps remembering that fact then 
it was not only funny, but helpful. Even if I would check every single 
line of new JOSM code (which I don't do) I would not be able to prevent 
bad code.

> There is a "market" for editors out there, and our editor, JOSM, is one of 
> the "products". We are in friendly competition with other editors and we want 
> to make our editor the best one, at least I think we do. Offering a plugin 
> that "bricks" JOSM, even if meant as a tongue-in-cheek feature, makes it too 
> easy for JOSM's detractors. I can already see the snarky Twitter comments 
> such jokes might lead to - and the resulting image is "JOSM, the editor that 
> stops working as soon as you hit one wrong button."

Well. I'm relatively liberal. As long as it does no harm I tend to leave 
the developers a lot of freedom. We are still doing OpenSource here. If 
somebody expects industrial standards, then he can pay for it. In this 
case a JOSM license probably would be around 5.000 to 10.000 Euro and a 
warranty probably something like 5 times of that value a year.

Developing OpenSource should still make fun and a joke sometimes is ok I 
think :-)

I myself will not fight against such stuff, but I will also not encourage 

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