[josm-dev] new server

Paul Hartmann phaaurlt at googlemail.com
Mon Mar 18 15:20:35 UTC 2013

Hi all,

you may be wondering why there is a new sponsor logo on the front page 
of the JOSM website and why there has been some downtime lately. Let me 
give you some updates.

In the last few days, we moved to a new server which is kindly sponsored 
by the web hoster Hetzner [1]. The offer stands for one year, but may be 
continued after that time. We've placed an inconspicuous reference at 
the bottom of each wiki page and a more visible logo on the the front 
page. I think it's fair, the regular costs would be 19,90 EUR / month.

While he was at it, Dirk switched the database backend for trac, our 
bug-tracking- and wiki-software (from sqlite to postgresql). So 
hopefully, we will no longer see the notorious "database locked" 
messages. Please report if you still get this or a similar error.

Big thanks to the FOSSGIS society for the continuous server hosting so 
far. We will still need your support, but hopefully, some resources are 
freed for other projects.

Btw., all the credit goes to Dirk, he found the sponsor and migrated the 
sever and database.

[1] http://www.hetzner.de/en/hosting/produkte_vserver/vq19


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