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Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Sun May 5 11:49:43 UTC 2013

On Sat, 4 May 2013, Nzara wrote:

> 1) Have a requirements section:
> Requirements
> * JDK 1.6 (higer versions may do also)

Today 1.7 should be requested, although 1.6 still works.

> * ant - for the build process
> * svn command line - for the build process
> * (optional) an IDE of your choice, e.g. eclipse


> 2) For plugin development use stable revision of the JOSM core (otherwise yo 
> might get confused or distracted by an unstable core)
> svn up -r XXXX josm/core

No. Always use the recent SVN. We don't really have an unstable latest (at 
least it has been a long time ago). Development always should follow the 
most recent version (properly setting the requirements in manifest).

We currently have no backports for older versions. This save a lot of 
development power and encourages updates to the latest versions.

> 3) Testing
> . linux
>  Copy the JAR file to the .josm directory :
> cp dist/PicLayer.jar ~/.josm/plugins/
> . windows
> Copy the JAR file to %APPDATA%\JOSM\plugins - windows expands %APPDATA% to 
> the directory used for your windows version.


ant help

and you will find there is an

ant install

for that. (If you base the build.xml on the recent template and not on one 
of the older versions, which have no "ant help" yet - We're step by step 
updating the old build files).

> . other ....

It is a wiki. Please improve it were necessary.

http://www.dstoecker.eu/ (PGP key available)

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