[josm-dev] JOSM Server is moving

Dirk Stöcker openstreetmap at dstoecker.de
Sat Feb 14 19:41:19 UTC 2015


our server provider Hetzner supplies us a more powerful server, as the 
load on JOSM server has increased a lot (which is a good sign to indicate 
a living community :-)

A new server means moving. We already did a test setup and all seems to 
work fine. Final transfer will be done somewhen next week (exact date 
depends on me having time for it). So expect a server outage of approx. 
an hour next week, probably in the evening.

To give you an indication what the server does currently, here some stats 
from last month:

Google says:
* 174,000 page impressions
* 3200 searches
* 2700 clicks
* 90,000 links to the pages (most from OSM related pages)
Server says:
* currently about 250,000 accesses by day (with robots)
* 600 GByte/month traffic
* 70,000 different vistors (no robots)
* 220,000 visits (no robots)
* 3,000,000 accesses (no robots)

We're getting about 65,000 active data submissions a month and 98.5% of 
these are spam (which is really a good value - other Trac instances I care 
for get 99.7% or worse :-). I think less than 20 of these spam submissions 
slip through (mostly when new attack forms appear) and are usually deleted 
in less than a hour. And we are still able to maintain a wiki and ticket 
system which allows anonymous edits and submissions.

P.S. Thanks a lot to Hetzner for the continued support.

http://www.dstoecker.eu/ (PGP key available)

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