[josm-dev] Cache folder settings don't work anymore ?

hbogner hbogner at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 18:18:08 UTC 2015

Some time ago I set this up
<tag key='cache.folder' value='/home/hbogner/.josm-cache'/>
for my cache folder, and it worked ok.

Don't know when, but now I see it doesn’t work anymore.

JOSM is run in with
"java -jar -Xmx2g -Djosm.home=/home/hbogner/Dropbox/josm -jar 
option because I use same preferences on multiple machines.

I have an old "/home/hbogner/.josm-cache/"
but now after testing it's not being used anymore.

Now all the cache ends up in  "/home/hbogner/Dropbox/josm/cache"
and I don't want my cache in the Dropbox.

How to choose where to place cache folder again?


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