[josm-dev] Cache folder settings don't work anymore ?

Paul Hartmann phaaurlt at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 19:44:43 UTC 2015

On 15.02.2015 19:18, hbogner wrote:
> Some time ago I set this up
> <tag key='cache.folder' value='/home/hbogner/.josm-cache'/>
> for my cache folder, and it worked ok.
> Don't know when, but now I see it doesn’t work anymore.
> JOSM is run in with
> "java -jar -Xmx2g -Djosm.home=/home/hbogner/Dropbox/josm -jar
> /home/hbogner/Dropbox/josm/josm-tested.jar"
> option because I use same preferences on multiple machines.
> I have an old "/home/hbogner/.josm-cache/"
> but now after testing it's not being used anymore.
> Now all the cache ends up in  "/home/hbogner/Dropbox/josm/cache"
> and I don't want my cache in the Dropbox.
> How to choose where to place cache folder again?

Start josm with --help to see the new options (r7841):

options provided as Java system properties:
	-Djosm.pref=/PATH/TO/JOSM/PREF    Set the preferences directory

	-Djosm.userdata=/PATH/TO/JOSM/USERDATASet the user data directory

	-Djosm.cache=/PATH/TO/JOSM/CACHE   Set the cache directory

	-Djosm.home=/PATH/TO/JOSM/HOMEDIR Relocate all 3 directories to 
homedir. Cache directory will be in homedir/cache

So to locate the cache directory, JOSM takes the first path it finds 
from the following list

1. system property 'josm.cache'
2. subdirectory 'cache' of path given by system property 'josm.home'
3. josm advanced preference value 'cache.folder'
4. default path depending on OS:
      a) Linux: ~/.josm/cache
      b) Win: %LOCALAPPDATA%\JOSM\cache
      c) Mac: ~/Library/Caches/JOSM

It can be discussed if it would be better to switch 2. and 3., but in 
general, command line settings should have higher precedence than saved 


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