[josm-dev] OSC format for offering proposed changes

Bryce Nesbitt bryce2 at obviously.com
Thu Feb 26 01:32:34 UTC 2015

I use JOSM XML for this all the time.

I'm able build a file representing add/update/delete operations.
It works well with the "TODO" plugin.
It's all pretty smooth.

* The delete operation is a bit invisible: deleted notes only show up at
upload time.
* Changeset tags in the file are ignored, so I can't pre-set the tags used
for any eventual upload.
* If the file has ways, the TODO plugin is hard to use.  It ends up
stepping you through each node of the way, which gets tedious.  The
workaround is to search for any tag, then step through only things that
have tags.

On Wed, Feb 25, 2015 at 1:48 PM, Martijn van Exel <m at rtijn.org> wrote:

> Hey JOSM-dev,
> I am curious what JOSMs capabilities are with regard to reading OSC files.
> I tried a few OSC files and they seem to read in correctly, but I am not
> sure how useful they are for a use case where you would want to offer a
> small file with proposed changes to OSM. Say I have a set of changes that
> consist of a mix of new tags to existing objects, changed ways / nodes,
> added ways / nodes, removed ways / nodes. I want to give this file to
> someone to load in JOSM and review + upload if they think the data is good.
> Would JOSM XML be a better choice for this?
> Thanks for your help,
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