The (dark) future of Java on desktop

Vincent Privat vincent.privat at
Wed Apr 11 18:41:25 UTC 2018

One month already and I still don't know what to do regarding WebStart.
I found out this:
Red Hat is providing an implementation of OpenJDK 8 on Windows containing:
- OpenJDK
- OpenJFX
- WebStart based on IcedTea-Web
- An auto-update feature (a small simple script registered to Windows Task

The good news:
- This is exactly what we would need for JDK 11.
- I tested it and it works perfectly. We have nothing to change in JOSM to
make it work with this runtime.

The bad news:
- It is only available to Java developers. A (free) RedHat account is
required, and it is forbidden to redistribute it.
- there is a version of Java 9 but it does only contain OpenJDK (thus it is
- there is no macOS runtime

Does someone on this list has a professionnal RedHat account, or know
someone there? I'd like to know if we can hope to see RedHat releasing
OpenJDK 11 it as a public runtime, free or charge and not requiring a user
account, which would contain the same components as their OpenJDK 8
version. This way we would only have to tell people to uninstall their
Oracle runtime and install the Red Hat runtime instead.

2018-03-10 18:05 GMT+01:00 Vincent Privat <vincent.privat at>:

> If we were to abandon AWT/Swing, migrating to SWT might be another option.
> I don't think it would be easy, but at least it's actively maintained:
> 2018-03-09 10:40 GMT+01:00 Dirk Stöcker <openstreetmap at>:
>> On Thu, 8 Mar 2018, Richard wrote:
>> On Thu, Mar 08, 2018 at 08:36:21AM +0100, Frederik Ramm wrote:
>>> You could sit down today and re-implement everything in, say, C++, and
>>>> it would be relatively straightforward, and while the result would not
>>>> share any of JOSM's codebase, it would still encapsulate all the
>>>> experience and brainpower that has flown into JOSM development over the
>>>> years.
>>> true in principle but you would need a protable GUI that doesn't suck or
>>> you end up programming for at least 3 platforms with 3 sets of bugs,
>>> 3 sets of dependencies etc.
>> Reimplementing an existing software like JOSM which has an estimated cost
>> of more than hundred development years (
>> in another language in an non-profit OS application is doomed to fail in my
>> eyes. The motivation for a programmer to take an existing software and
>> reimplement everything again is low. For a very long time you will not have
>> something which is usable and inbetween you have tasks to do, but no
>> positive feedback. That may work when the people are paid for it, but not
>> when programmers need to be motivated. I'd consider people beeing motived
>> by such a task very strange. :-)
>> Rather than that if JOSM really dies some of the better ideas of it will
>> be taken and implemented in existing or new software (which BTW is already
>> happening, e.g. osmosis taking the Validator MapCSS or many other things).
>> If there is a way to automatically convert the code and start with a
>> working base, then the situation is different...
>> But I also don't think this is necessary (ATM).
>> Ciao
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