[OSM-legal-talk] By-SA attribution to... who?

Christopher Schmidt crschmidt at crschmidt.net
Sun Jun 18 21:35:43 BST 2006

Currently, as I understand it, there's no way to comply with the
Creative Commons license that OSM uses by entities external to OSM: 
 * CC-BY copyright is licensed by the original user
   * Which means that hte original user needs to be attributed
 * User information is not available in the API/planet exports
   * Therefore, there is no way to find out which user to attribute

I suppose you could say "Data provided by:" followed by a list of all
the legal entities which have contributed the data to the OSM dataset,
but I don't even know if it's possible to get that list. 

Someone suggested "Copyright OpenStreetmap", but that's not the owner of
the copyright, so it's not actually attribution under the license, as I
understnad it.

Someone suggested "Copyright OpenStreetmap users" but I don't know that
that's specific enough under a legal license.

I'm asking specifically because I'm about to run headlong into the same
issue, and wanted to build off the collective mental energy of the OSM
legal minds.


Christopher Schmidt
Web Developer

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