[OSM-legal-talk] Attribution and user Ids...

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Tue May 23 00:21:25 BST 2006

SteveC a écrit :
>>-> User ID should be available in REST API and planet.osm. If people 
>>tends to think it's a privacy issue, we should put a warning about this 
>>on the register page.
> Yes, that's cool but what about retrospective privacy definition?

If we add a field to let new user choose between displaying their name, 
a pseudo, or "anonymous" for their contribution attribution, the best 
thing to do is to keep "anonymous" for all members who hasn't choose 
anything yet.

>>(My opinion is that we should ask people what name they liked to be used 
>>for their contribution's attribution. This allow to give a name that 
>>will be used instead of the mail (spam concern), or to give "anonymous" 
>>for people who wants to remain anonymous. By adding a field for that on 
>>the registration screen, we also give a strong signal to the user that 
>>his name (or whatever he will put here) _is_ going to be published)
> Yup, that's half there already.

Yup, the display name for public traces.
It's a good thing, and exactly what should IMHO be extend to all data 

> I totally agree that the display name or the user ID should be in the
> API, I'd just like the OSMF to define / get a real lawyer-checked
> privacy policy first.

There's no need to hurry and we should take the time to do things 
right... I just want to made it clear it's a point that should get 
attention. OSM is currently redistributing some CC-by-sa derivative work 
without complying to the BY clause.

(In fact, I'm just concern about the lack of post on this list created 
for boring licensing discutions)

> We have some very privacy conscious people here.
> If one of them gets tracked down from their OSM data and fined for
> speeding or murdered for stealing a GPS unit, then to the best of my
> knowledge it's me that's potentially liable. I can appreciate that I
> might look a bit mad but then stranger things have happened.

Wow... We're talking about data given by people who register using a 
page that say « By creating an account, you agree that all work uploaded 
to openstreetmap.org and all data created by use of any tools on 
openstreetmap.org is to be licensed under this[CC-by-sa] Creative 
Commons license. »

I don't see how you could have any problems by redistributing thing that 
have been given to you with such a licence. All registrer user clearly 
agree that what they send to OSM could be redistributed. If a user don't 
want people to know where he live or where he spend his hollyday, he 
should definetly not send his GPS traces to OSM !

> Oh, and what in the API is giving out the user ID BTW?

Nothing at the moment as far as I know.

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