[OSM-legal-talk] Rules for the foundation to hold data assigned to it under

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Jul 20 23:28:27 BST 2007


>> PD data will always be free
> It's trivial to convert PD data to restrictively-licensed data.

That doesn't make the original PD data any less free.

> How many people make their own geodata public domain just so they can 
> contribute it to the TIGER dataset? 

Can one contribute to TIGER? I always thought this was a 
government-published thing and contributions were about as welcome as my 
own essays for the CIA world fact book.

> How many just take the TIGER dataset, make a few mods, and sell it with a 
> restrictive license?

As far as I am aware, many companies are doing just that (creating 
something restricted, derived from TIGER, and sell it), while at the 
same time TIGER data is a valuable basis for free software (e.g. 

So what point are you trying to make? Has someone sued roadnav.sf.net 
for using TIGER data, or what?


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