[OSM-legal-talk] Do I have copyright on data I upload?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Jul 23 12:09:41 BST 2007


> I would like to know if I retain the copyright on the data that I
> upload to OSM server ?

Yes. Some countries do not have "copyright" but a moral equivalent.  
You are the author.

> Can I give it to other project? resell it with my conditions?


> I am talking here about the data that I have made using my own GPS  
> tracks.

Technically you'd have to make sure that you do not accidentally  
include something that someone else has edited. Since, when  
downloading, you only get the name of the *latest* editor, you would  
have to download the history of every single object to find out  
wether it has been touched by someone else, and if so, ask them  
whether you may include their work. But for the benefit of our  
servers I'd say,  if you work in an area where you can be reasonably  
sure that you're the only contributor, then looking at the latest  
editor should be sufficient.


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