[OSM-legal-talk] NSW GNB data

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jul 24 11:03:53 BST 2007


> I have been given permission to derive suburb boundaries for NSW  
> from maps
> on the Geographical Names Board, which will allow me to work out  
> accurate
> suburb boundaries as long as I a famliliar with the area (the maps  
> are pretty basic),
> as long as we acknowledge that the points so derived are copyright  
> of the GNB.

They will remain GNB's copyright but will have to be licensed CC-BY- 
SA, i.e. anyone will be allowed to get the data from the OSM data  
base and use the data as he sees fit; if he produces a collective  
work using the data, then he will have to make that work available CC- 
BY-SA as well. But he will never have to ask GNB for permission. If  
they want to keep a better control on their data, i.e. have everybody  
ask for permission before they use it, then you cannot put the stuff  
into OSM.

Under CC-BY-SA, GNB would have to be identified as the contributor  
("attribution"). But this is something we don't currently do (if you  
browse any of our maps, there is no list of contributors - you only  
get that when you download the source data). We are currently  
investigating ways to better comply with our own license; we may, at  
some point in the future and with an ok from existing authors, switch  
to a model where not the individual contributors are listed but a  
general "OpenStreetMap contributors" authorship is attributed. (If  
you put GNB in the source tag, then it will remain there but doesn't  
actually appear on any map).


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