[OSM-legal-talk] [OSM-dev] Fwd: Putting example satelliteimages inour Wiki

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 21 12:13:16 GMT 2007


> Primarily because I don't see the need - it should be trivial to  
> write a
> guide to mapping/tagging junctions using only OSM-derived images, and
> photographs taken from the ground

You are right in saying it is not technically necessary. However, it  
would make a much nicer guide having real-world images.

> but additionally because I think we
> should "practice-what-we-preach" and show that it is possible to do  
> the
> things we want to do without resorting to non-free sources of data.

Firstly, I am not preaching anything. As said before, I am not in  
this project for ideological reasons.

Secondly, "The thing I want" is a satellite (or aerial) photo of  
certain types of junctions. If I can do this without resorting to non- 
free sources of data, I will, as it makes things much easier if you  
don't have to worry about licenses.

But if I have the option of creating something of a lesser overall  
quality which uses only free data, or something of a better overall  
quality which uses free and free-of-charge-but-copyrighted data, then  
I will always choose the latter, because the quality of what I create  
is my reward. I want to produce something nice, not something that  
fits with someone else's definition of kosher.


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