[OSM-legal-talk] Transformed OSM data and CC-BY-SA

Henk Hoff osm at toffehoff.nl
Wed Nov 7 21:28:53 GMT 2007

I'm talking with a local Dutch company specialized in GPS-equipment. 
They are interested in using OSM data on mainstream GPS-devices. (Just 
in case: no, the company's name is not TomTom ...).

During the meeting we stumbled across an issue on the licensing. Let's 
say: a company would use the OSM data, transform it to a proprietary 
format that can be used by specifiek GPS-devices. Is that company 
allowed to sell that product without having to release it in public 
(under the CC-BY-SA license)?

Just to make clear: they are willing to donate data and promote OSM etc 
etc. No problems here. We're only talking about the same data, but in a 
different format.

Henk Hoff

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