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Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Mon Apr 7 13:59:09 BST 2008

At 02:55 PM 4/7/2008, Michael Collinson wrote:
>At 02:19 PM 4/7/2008, 80n wrote:
>>Up to now there has not been any official guidance on how to comply 
>>with the attribution clause of our CC-BY-SA license.   This means 
>>that people either try to do something that they hope is acceptable 
>>or they do nothing.  Some of OSM's own outputs fall into the latter 
>>category (for example, the API and the planet dump) which sets a 
>>bad example for others.
>>At the very least we should be providing advice and guidance on how 
>>users of the data can comply with the attribution requirement when 
>>they publish OSM data.
>>I'd like to propose that we make the following statement:
>>"If you publish OpenStreetMap data you can satisfy the attribution 
>>requirement of the license by linking to or referencing 

Excellent. Simple therefore workable.

I echo Tom's sentiment that www.openstreetmap.org/Attribution would 
be a cleaner public link to present if possible.

Frederick's comment answered separately.

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