[OSM-legal-talk] Popper attribution on mobile map?

Martijn Pannevis openstreetmap at panman.nl
Fri Apr 25 10:28:49 BST 2008

My first mail to the legal list, I'm mainly active on the dutch OSM list.
We develop a mobile (and web) application, called Nulaz.: 
It uses OSM data for the maps on mobile, as can be seen at 
We currently say in the About menu that we do that, but it was suggested 
that we place a text on the actual map.
I wonder if there are any rules, or at least guidelines, on doing that?
The wiki page on attribution, 
http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Attribution is pretty low on 
Mapmytracks puts it on the bottom of the screen ( 
http://www.mapmytracks.com/about/screenshots ).
However, we have buttons there. On large resolutions it might fit 
between them, but on smaller phones it certainly won't.
We are currently thinking about putting it on the side of the screen, 90 
degrees tilted, as a transparent image.
Any suggestions?
We certainly want to keep OSM 'happy', and oblige to it's license, but 
we do want to have some agreement on what is allowed and what not.
Kind Regards,
Martijn Pannevis.
Nulaz CTO.

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