[OSM-legal-talk] Popper attribution on mobile map?

Martijn Pannevis openstreetmap at panman.nl
Fri Apr 25 16:50:00 BST 2008

SteveC wrote:
> On 25 Apr 2008, at 10:28, Martijn Pannevis wrote:
>> Hi!
>> My first mail to the legal list, I'm mainly active on the dutch OSM  
>> list.
>> We develop a mobile (and web) application, called Nulaz.:
>> http://www.nulaz.com.
>> It uses OSM data for the maps on mobile, as can be seen at
>> http://www.nulaz.com/images/homepage/screenshot.png
>> We currently say in the About menu that we do that, but it was  
>> suggested
>> that we place a text on the actual map.
> Martijn it wasn't just suggested, it was the chairman of the  
> foundation and the guy who started the thing so I'm somewhat  
> dissapointed that you've chosen this route. If you want to make it  
> concrete you should contact your legal team, a mailing list is not the  
> right forum for a question like this. We have debated it here in the  
> past and not reached a consensus (if anything, the opposite). With the  
> current license process this will also change. I will get this issue  
> raised as an agenda item with the Foundation board at our next meeting  
> and get back to you.
Steve, I have great respect for the things you have done and are doing 
with OSM, and certainly didn't want to annoy you.
I didn't mention your name because we had a private talk about this, and 
I didn't want to bring up a private discussion with you without your 
consent. Maybe suggested was the wrong choice of words.
As I said before, we do want to adhere to the OSM license, and support 
OSM.  I only wanted to know if there was more information somewhere on 
what would be seen as 'right', as that currently is pretty sparse.
We have a lot of constrains on our application: there are not many 
mapping applications I know of that do support a 128*160 pixel screen, 
and still show a map on that.
We want to show as much map as possible, 2 buttons, and the licence text 
in a space about as big as the OSM logo on the wiki.
Thats why I asked if placing it on the side of the map would be ok.

Let me say this again: I didn't want to annoy anyone, we do want to 
adhere to the OSM license, but I just want to know how to do that best.
Kind Regards,
Martijn Pannevis

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