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> Hi,
> Been reading all the discussions for a while with growing frustration.
>  I find my self mostly agreeing with the CC-By-SA license but I do
> wish there was a way to easily provide exceptions to those
> organisations wishing to make good use of the data but having problems
> with the license.
> So my questions is this:  would it be possible for the contributors to
> OSM (in addition to releasing the data as CC-By-SA) to also grant a
> license to the OSMF to use the data for ANY purpose? and to be able to
> in turn also license the data on other projects / organisations by
> unanimous vote?
> I'd be willing to trust the OSMF to only release the data under
> license for suitable purposes.  For instance they could license it to
> npe with an explicit agreement that using it to geocode postcodes did
> not constitute a derivative work.    Or they could give definitive
> interpretations of what was covered by CC-By-SA and back it up with
> their own license agreement if there was ever a dispute.
> Is this just stupid, or is this an easy way out of the bind the
> project now seems to find itself in?  I guess it really comes down to
> if people would be willing to trust OSMF...

At the recent election for the OSMF board there were 26 members who voted.
It costs £15 to become a member.

So it would cost about £500 to elect your own board.  I wouldn't trust OSMF
with my data.

Etienne (OSMF Treasurer)

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>  Brian
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