[OSM-legal-talk] A very brief brief for our new licence

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Sat Sep 27 17:53:04 BST 2008


The new licence which has been described as 'cc-by-sa for data', I thought
it would be good to try to summarise this licence briefly in plan English
and see what consensus there is for this summary.


I have reviewed the cc-by-sa licence and it seems to come down to these
three key points:


1) Ensure that if people make improvements or changes to the OSM dataset
that they must make their version of the dataset available under this
licence so it can be used by others and can be integrated back into the main
OSM dataset if appropriate.


2) Ensure that if people use the OSM dataset within any publically available
work that they should attribute OSM in the resulting work appropriately for
the medium, the space available and the relative significance of the OSM
data to their final work unless they receive a formal request from the
foundation for the work not to be attributed.


3) It should allow people to do anything within reason they like with the
OSM dataset so long as they comply with 1) and 2) and do not bring OSM into


These simple principles will of course result in quite a lot of detail in
the actual licence which is why we employing lawyers but is that about it
for a very brief brief?


Can people indicate if they think this summary is about right? If so I
suggest we come up with a bunch of real-life and theoretical use-cases which
we can discuss and then in due course we can test the final licence against
these use-cases.








Peter Miller

Ito World Ltd

http://www.itoworld.com <http://www.itoworld.com/> 



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