[OSM-legal-talk] A very brief brief for our new licence

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Sep 27 22:45:32 BST 2008


> 2) Ensure that if people use the OSM dataset within any publically 
> available work that they should attribute OSM in the resulting work 
> appropriately for the medium, the space available and the relative 
> significance of the OSM data to their final work unless they receive a 
> formal request from the foundation for the work not to be attributed.

I'd say, for simplicity, drop the last "unless"; I don't see the use 
case for that.

Is it meant as a way for users to get a carte blanche from the 
Foundation that they don't have to do attribution, or is it meant as a 
way for the foundation to suppress attribution in certain cases? Both 
would be questionable in my eyes.


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