[OSM-legal-talk] Database rights and who has them

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On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 1:01 PM, Brian Quinion <
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> 1) Investment in actually creating data which forms part of a database
> will not automatically result in a database right. Organisations
> creating data must make separate investment in the organisation and
> arrangement of the database itself in order to gain protection.

My initial understanding of this, was also that OSM to a large extent was
about "creating" data, but I think this is wrong. The database does not
define what is right, that is up to some other source (a lake is defined by
where it actually is, the name of street probably by local government).

Defining street names and numbers, official surveying of borders and zoning
are more like creating data. The name of a street is not what a sign says,
but what a government database says and an international border is not where
it looks to be, but where the border protocol defines it to be.

I am not a lawyer, but with the limited numer of cases about database law,
my guess is probably as good as most lawyers.

 - Gustav
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