[OSM-legal-talk] Extent of share alike?

David Vaarwerk david at mineraldata.com.au
Tue Nov 3 05:48:41 GMT 2009

Thanks for your all the responses, they do help.

I think keeping the map and the business data separate with a double 
license is the best solution as suggested.

So I will have a map with only OSM data, obviously anything I put in will
CC. I am happy to share the geographic location (lat. long.) of all
if OSM wants or can take this info (the obvious problem is space on the
and that businesses are constantly moving - updating becomes an issue).

To keep things separate on another web page within the site I will serve
from a 
separate database business information (phone number, website, service
that will have no geographic location information in it. The only overlap 
will be a business name. As far as I can see OSM doesn't record the street
of cafe's etc only their location.


David Vaarwerk

David Vaarwerk
Mineral Data
email: david at mineraldata.com.au
mobile: 0422 541 857

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