[OSM-legal-talk] Licence clarification

Per-Olof Norén pelle at alma.nu
Mon Feb 8 10:43:41 GMT 2010


I have a client that wishes to use OSM data for generating maps that
goes into a printed folder. All this is done "on-demand" as the user
selects locations (a majority of these locations are already POI:s in
current planet.osm) We'll set up a WMS service serving OSM data in
suitably Swedish projection. Customer is then using a print-on demand
company that calls the WMS service to retrieve 300dpi tiffs to create
pdf:s that in turn is sent to the users. This print service will be
publicly available without registration.

As far as I can tell, this is to be considered derived work, no?
What we planned to do was to :
1. Supply the printed work a proper cc-by-sa attribution.
2. Donate / revise information in the currently available POI:s.

The client has agreed to become OSM contributors and expand the OSM map
around the POI:s in order by be able to use OSM instead of some other
(non-free) map data provider.

Any suggestions or legal issues that we need to consider before getting
to work on this is highly apreciated.

Per-Olof Norén

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