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<http://docs.google.com/View?id=dd9g3qjp_48c4sgs3d4>http://docs.google.com/View?id=dd9g3qjp_48c4sgs3d4 shows where we are at.

We've one open question about "natural person" below that we would appreciate input on.

Apart from that, this is the version we would like to finalise on and which has had legal review.  Please shout if you see any holes. We'll be proceeding to make French and Italian translations as soon as we can.

Thanks to Francis Davey for a number of specific suggestions.


- British spelling "licence" noun used. (can anyone confirm that I am right in leaving verb license, sublicense as is, I am too long abroad).

- Edit period for active contributors extended from last 6 to last 12 months to enfranchise more contributors and to take into account folks who edit seasonally.

- We'd rather not insert an explicit phrase about suing. It is our understanding from legal review that OSMF clearly has the right to sue for copyright violations from its database right and copyright in the collective. On a practical level, we'd also be wanting to pursue effective methods within our means such as name-and-shaming. We therefore still feel this is better dealt with by creating explicit community guidelines. 

- an ambiguity in clause 3 removed by the insertion of the word "and".

- defining active contributor as a "natural person". This serves the purpose of "no bots". OPEN QUESTION: We are not sure about this one as this it excludes corporations or other legally organised entities. If they have multiple accounts for individual staff, it has the reverse effect. Perhaps not a good idea? Comments welcome.

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