[OSM-legal-talk] having anonymous internet users editing the map

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Jun 27 16:39:39 BST 2010


Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Lulu-Ann at gmx.de wrote:
>> As the topic of the map is discussed controversely, vandalism is 
>> likely to happen, I am afraid.
> If the user attempts to use OSM as a vehicle to further his own side in 
> whatever "controversy" you are alluding to, risking to bring lots of 
> vandals upon OSM, then that might be a reason to ask him to stop it.

I have talked to the people in question. It is about a map for Bavaria 
showing in which bars/restaurants you are allowed to smoke. They are 
about to have a referendum about that and they have some tensions in the 
population. The map will be biased towards non-smoking (displaying 
something like a red traffic light for those where smoking is allowed 
etc.), and they will have an editor that allows anyone to edit the value 
of the "smoking" tag. These edits will not be live edits but instead be 
queued to be later uploaded by one of the map team members, going 
through the usual JOSM conflict resolution where necessary.

This is sub-optimal (preferably everyone should create an account and 
make live edits through OAuth) but then again, as long as the change is 
limited to the value of the "smoking" tag - no creation of new nodes, no 
deletion of nodes, no modifications to other tags - and since they 
themselves are the only serious user of that tag, any sort of vandalism 
will hurt themselves mainly so I think this is a non-issue.


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