[OSM-legal-talk] Rights granted to OSMF (Section 2 of the CT)

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Sun Apr 17 11:12:09 BST 2011

Am 17.04.2011 11:59, schrieb ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen:
>> Granting rights to a central body (but not
>> your copyright--you still retain that) is not unheard of in open
>> communities.
> Some contributors do not want to do *anything* that is related
> to the legal system in this world.  Many people just don't want to
> be involved in that.  We click everyday on each piece of software,
> upgrade or whatever website, to such an extent that we cannot read
> those CT's anymore, let alone obey in any sense.
> If I need something for business, or for surviving; I may click.
> If it's someone that wants something for me, I won't click.
> What bloody arrogance has an organization that gets stuff for free (OSM)
> to make me oblige to sign *any* contract.

You do realize that you already have an agreement with the OSMF?

Undoubtably a very fuzzy one, where a lot of the terms might be 
implicit. You are simply replacing that fuzzy contract with a,  not 
perfect, but at least with most terms spelt out, new agreement.


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