[OSM-legal-talk] I want my access back

Rob Myers rob at robmyers.org
Thu Aug 11 19:19:33 BST 2011

On 11/08/11 16:20, ce-test, qualified testing bv - Gert Gremmen wrote:
> I see no difference in re-publishing text, as in our email lists
> and the database, properly citing Google as source.

You are correct. Both are breaches of copyright where it applies.

There are two important differences though.

Firstly custom and fair use are on the side of quoting emails in 

Secondly, Google haven't taken all your maps and incorporated them but 
you have quoted many other people's emails.

> You will probably say then that Google's license prohibits that use
> -even when attributing- and then I come back to my (much earlier)
> statement that licenses are there to restrict free use of data, not to
> allow.

To the extent that databases are covered by rights or contracts that is 

> Anyway, if default IP right allows for citing when attributing, why
> do our users need to agree to a ODBL license ?

Allow or require?

> Is there anything more that we like them to comply with ?

To pass on the freedom they receive.

But if you want data to be PD, make it PD and then someone else can 
incorporate it into the database under the CTs.

I really don't see what the problem is.

- Rob.

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