[OSM-legal-talk] using osm data and other sources in a project

Jukka Rahkonen jukka.rahkonen at latuviitta.fi
Fri Aug 19 09:30:29 BST 2011

James Livingston <lists at ...> writes:

> If you can't produce separate tiles, because rendering requires 
> accessing both databases at once, then you essentially have 
> combined the two databases together into a new one and are then 
> rendering based on that. So would assume in this case you'd have
> to distribute the combined database (or the non-OSM one and
> tell people to put them together as the "modification").-- James

There is another world behind the tiles which is much more interesting and
flexible. Look at the image,borders,osm_viivat&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=image/png&BBOX=-369151.98300283286,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=

The blue sea is coming from one database, borders from another and red OSM
motorways from a third. All with one request and end user cannot separate the
sources from the png image. Let's assume that sea and border data are not
allowed be added to OSM or delivered as ODbL. Should we tell WMS users that they
are not allowed to do the WMS request as &LAYERS=sea,borders,osm_viivat but they
must make three separate requests and combine the result,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=,6597900.0,1511076.628895184,8057331.444759207&SRS=EPSG:3067&STYLES=

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