[OSM-legal-talk] The detrimental effects of database

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Wed Nov 23 14:16:52 GMT 2011

Sorry, I have accidentally pressed the enter button before writing my text. That's the technical disadvantage of an old-fashioned mailing list!

Currently, the LWG intends to delete all nodes ever created by decliners or non-responders. This would be detrimental for long routes, as I have calculated for some selected routes:


There is no contributor who has ever contributed even a 50% majority of nodes on these routes. However, they would be destroyed by deleting those nodes which have been created by decliners or non-responders.

It would make sense to consider the whole route or even the whole network (e.g. rail network) as an entity (joint work as described in German and many other copyright laws) which should not be destroyed by granting an intellectual property right on each node!
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