[OSM-legal-talk] The detrimental effects of database

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Nov 23 14:59:17 GMT 2011


On 11/23/11 15:16, FK270673 at fantasymail.de wrote:
> Currently, the LWG intends to delete all nodes ever created by
> decliners or non-responders.

That is correct as far as I know.

> There is no contributor who has ever contributed even a 50% majority
> of nodes on these routes. However, they would be destroyed by
> deleting those nodes which have been created by decliners or
> non-responders.

The assumption that an 11,000 node route is "destroyed" when a few 
hundred nodes are removed from it is however *not* correct. The route 
just becomes less precise, or in the worst case it may have a few holes 
here and there where a way was lost. But even that does not "destroy" a 

Your argument about joint authorship does not work because the person 
combining these bits into a country-spanning route has usually done so 
without the knowledge of the individual contributor who has just mapped 
a little stretch of road.

That's like saying that Popstar #1 has to allow Popstar #2 to distribute 
his work because they both appeared on a sampler created by a third 
entity and that sampler now constitutes a jointly authored work.


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