[OSM-legal-talk] Typos in tags

Paul Norman penorman at mac.com
Sat Jan 28 03:27:06 GMT 2012

I was considering a possible scenario which I believe needs to be considered
for any data removal and I do not believe is handled by any of the current
interpretations of the tools which attempt to state if an object will be
removed or not.

Suppose mapper A and mapper C have accepted the CTs and mapper B has not.
Mapper A creates a v1 closed way with the tagging building=yes. Mapper B
then adds the tags addr:housenumer, addr:steet and addr:postcod to make v2
of the way. Mapper C (e.g. xybot) then in a changeset with bot=yes removes
these three tags and adds addr:housenumber, addr:street and addr:postcod
tags making v3 of the way.

v1 is obviously clean, v2 is not. I do not see that the bot change from
mapper C changes the copyright status of the object.

Do the tools correctly handle a dirty way where all the tags added by the
decliner are no longer present?

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