[OSM-legal-talk] ODbL implementation plan - extra phase proposal

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jan 28 13:30:51 GMT 2012


> In a recent discussion on talk-cz Lukáš Matějka (LM_1) have suggested it
> would be good to have an extra phase (couple of months) in which only
> untainted edits would be accepted. This would prevent users to put their
> time into something that will be gone after final cut-off and it would
> probably accelerate the remapping efforts in problematic regions.

There is nothing fundamentally wrong or impossible about that.

But it does introduce more work for us (because we would have to 
implement a way for the API to reject changes to tainted objects).

I am unsure if adding such an extra phase of, say, three months would 
really bring a lot of benefit compared to the - much easier - potential 
decisions of delaying the planned changeover for three months.

Or, in other words, do you have reason to believe that a three-month 
"only edits to non-tainted objects accepted" phase would actually make 
people re-map more and better compared to the phase we are in now? And 
if so, why?


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