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Wed Mar 7 18:05:28 GMT 2012

> Could someone explain exactly what will be happening on April 1? 

Currently, the license change procedure is just known by a few regular mailing-list readers, not even by many mappers and obviously not by the broad public as a simple google research reveals.

However, there is a journalist who has seen the BADMAP and said: "Wow, that's a very interesting story: A community that secretly destroys much of is own data suddenly on April 1st!" As no media has published anything about the license change until now, he would be the first one to investigate this story. [1]

However, it would take him about one week to write this article and he would like to ask some questions before writing his article:

1. Does the license change include the creation of a new experimental planetfile just for testing purposes or the final destruction of data? 

2. Is the BADMAP / CLEANMAP a reliable source for the areas that are deleted after April 1st? Or is it just an experimental tool for visualizing areas that need to be remapped during months before the license change? 

3. Is there any navigation website that will prove the detrimental effects of license change after April 1st? Maybe even a BADNAVIGATION website?

4. Is April 1st a fixed date secretly decided by the board or will it be subject to a public decision of all mappers?

5. Why didn't OSMF publish a comprehensive press release until now, just 20 days before the license change? Is it an internal communication failure or a secret conspiration to surprise the broad public on April 1st?

6. Does OSMF have any timetable to publish a comprehensive press release within the next few months? Is OSMF going to publish its press release before or AFTER the license change OR the publication of this article, whatever comes first? Does OSMF intend to translate its press releases into foreign languages?

7. Do active mappers get a copy of OSMF's press releases or do they get their information by the media? 

8. Are you going to answer the messages sent by decliners as mentioned in the minutes?

9. How big is the probability that an agreement with UMP will be signed before April 1st? Otherwise he would need to take screenshots from other cities - Bangkok, Santo Domingo, Sydney.

10. Who is "the man who is going to destroy almost 2 million ways"? Is there a photo of him available?

11. Who is willing to give a public statement for / against the sudden license change on April 1st? Preferably with photo or video statement?

12. Is it possible to quote statements from this mailing-list?

13. Is there anybody willing to start a lawsuit on disputed issues, e.g. on split ways?

14. Who is going to inform the survivors of deceased mappers? Does OSMF itself contact them or do they want a journalist to inform them?

15. Is the low number of explicitly "clean" objects a result of failed communication to active mappers or rather a boycott by the active mapping community?

16. Why did only 20,000 mappers reacted to OSMF messages whereas more than 40,000 mappers have gradually accepted or just reacted to personal messages from other mappers?

17. Would any of the active board members resign if many thousand protest mails arrived just before or just AFTER April 1st?
Personally, I didn't want to answer these questions because a wrong answer would destroy OSM's reputation forever. Board members have the option to resign after a wave of protest, but active mappers would do hard to repair destroyed trust caused by tremendous data deletion.

BTW, he is also very interested in quoting insults and threats, either from public or from personal messages.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OpenStreetMap_in_the_media
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