[OSM-legal-talk] Proposed "Metadata"-Guideline

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Sep 21 10:43:26 UTC 2015

Dear All

One of the big grey areas remaining wrt our distribution licence is
defining if, and how you can link from external data to an OpenStreetMap
derived dataset. Nailing this down is, in my opinion, key to progress in
getting rid of other areas of contention (for example geo-coding).

In the past it seems that most people that have engaged in the
discussion in principle would be happy with the "Fairhurst Doctrine"
however we have had trouble actually turning that in to a usable text.
I've now drafted a proposal that tries to actually express the essence
of the doctrine while at the same time remaining compatible with the the
"Horizontal Layers" guideline.

The proposal is here

The relevant discussion pages

I have to say that I'm not completely happy with the document as is,
however nobody has come up with anything better. It will definitely need
some more examples in a final version.


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